Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bore Butter part 2: The Results

 A week ago I posted I was going to cut through all the opinion and simply test Thompson Centers Bore Butter ( read Part 1: The Debate ). I tested the product on my kit built kentucky pistol. See the results after the jump.

 My main goals were to test some of the claims made right on the tube.

  • Does it reduce fouling
  • Does it remove the need to swab between shots
  • Does it act as a rust inhibitor

  I followed the directions on the tube and cleaned the barrel of any petroleum products with water and a good scrubbing. I had already been using T/C's No. 13 bore solvent so I was cleaning with the recommended natural cleaner. After allowing the barrel to completely dry I ran a well saturated patch down the bore making sure everything was coated. During the middle of the week I fired the pistol, the balls had a light coat of bore butter and I have been using T/C's pre-saturated shooting patches. It was cleaned again with natural cleaners, allowed to dry, lubed with bore butter and left to sit until I had some time on the range over the weekend.

 After four days of testing I had to stop using the bore butter as directed. While tweaking the lock on the pistol I ran a bore light in the barrel to check it and found surface rust starting to form on many parts of the interior of the barrel. I called it quits right there and quickly hit it with CLP and a Barricade rust preventative. Without a doubt I can tell you it does not work as a rust inhibitor in the dampness of northwest Louisiana. I took extra care to make sure the barrel was dry before applying bore butter and unfortunately it simply did not do the job.

 Due to the rust I really did not have a chance to test the rest of the claims. I know I will inevitably have someone tell me how I am wrong and that I did something incorrectly. If someone from Thompson Center would like to discuss how I might get better results I can be contacted in the toolbar below. But again I can only tell you my experience with the product. However I will keep using the product as bullet and patch lube as I feel it works great for those functions.


  1. It is worthless as rust prevention. If you have an oil finished stock, rub it into the stock and it makes it look pretty. Works great for patch lube " round balls" Other than that, worthless.

    1. I used this years ago, I took there word for it, put my gun up for the winter, came back in the spring and the barrel was ruined. T/C also said I did something wrong. I've not bought anything with T/C since.

  2. Im not sure I would even use it on the stock, will definitely be relegated to patch and ball lube as you said.

  3. I'm not saying you are right or wrong but here is a good article on Bore Butter:

  4. Ultravox, just wish I could justify the rusting but I cant, especially deep in the areas inside the drum that I cant readily inspect or see. Only thing I can find to work in the humidity down here is petroleum based rust inhibitors.

  5. Go with non petroleum oil. Use only full synthetic oil,,,,,I use 5w-30 full syn.. I had terrible results with bore butter as a preservative. I destroyed a beautiful 54 caliber hawken barrel because of bore butter. However bore butter is a great bullet and round ball lube.

    1. 5w-30 as in motor oil? You know fully synthetic oil is still just tweaked petroleum oil...

    2. Actually, you're right and you're not. There has been a "fuss" raised in the motor oil industry as some producers do, in fact, just 'frac' petroleum-based oil and call it "synthetic". In years past this was accepted to be called 'synthetic'. TRUE Synthetic oil is produced 'from the ground up' and is truly non-petroleum based. One would have to do research to find which Oil Company does which process and choose accordingly.

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