The Muzzle Loading Reference Guide

 Welcome to the ever expanding muzzle loading reference guide where I will attempt to give you links to companies and resources to expand your knowledge and a find good quality products.


Traditions Performance Firearms: Traditions offers a wide range of quality muzzle loading firearms and accessories.Traditions is widely available in many retail settings across the US. This gives easy access to accessories and OEM replacement parts. Traditions provides a broad selection of both traditional and modern firearms as well as kits, black powder revolvers and even cannons.

Thompson/Center: T/C is seen as one of the leaders in innovation and promoting the muzzle loading and black powder sport. They are known for top notch quality and reliability. T/C is also widely available in many US retail settings and they market a large line of very popular accessories including cleaning and shooting products.


Connecticut Valley Arms:  CVA is another well established company that offers good range of muzzle loading firearms and accessories. Many people still have CVA muzzle loaders dating back into the 70's or can fondly remember shooting one with their father. CVA is the other mfg. that is widely available in the US retail setting, possibly more so than any other. ( Note: there is some controversy surrounding this brand that I will address at a later time )


Davide Pedersoli:  Pedersoli offers a large line of authentic reproduction firearms and kits. Many people that enjoy quality traditional firearms turn to Pedersoli. They are also popular with reenactors.


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Retail and Supplies:

Track of the Wolf -

Pecatonica River Long Rifle Supply -

Dixie Gun Works -

Possible Shop -

Muzzleloader Builder's Supply -

Cabela's - Cabelas Black Powder

Bass Pro Shops -

Midsouth Shooters Supply -

L&R Lock Company -

Ballistic Products -

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Powders & Propellants:   ( More info on powders and primers )

Hodgdon: Hodgdon manufactures both Pyrodex and Triple Seven powders and pellets. Hodgdon also own Goex Blackpowder and IMR. Their website is a good resource for loading and cleaning recommendations. It is always good to read what the factory has to say versus what you hear or find in the forums, especially when you are dealing with forms of explosives.


Blackhorn 209:  Blackhorn is a new class of powder that is gaining quite a large amount of buzz. Specifically designed for the 209 primer ( mainly for use in modern in-line rifles ) it is billed as non-corrosive, no swabbing  between shots, non residue forming wonder powder. It is more expensive than most other muzzle loading powders on the market but many say it is worth it. ( read our review of Blackhorn 209 )


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Harvester Muzzleloading -

Precision Rifle -

Hornady -

Powerbelt -

Barnes -

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Load Charts & Ballistics:

Blackhorn 209 Load Data PDF

Hornady Ballistics Chart PDF

Barnes Ballistics Chart PDF

Hodgdon Load Data PDF

Goex Load Charts -

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Muzzleloading Shotgun Information:


CVA Shotgun Warranty Information - PDF ( Good reference for people just getting into muzzleloading, made by CVA but the load charts and safety info are fairly universal )


Track of the Wolf - ( TOTW has a large selection of supplies this is just one landing page )

Ballistic Products -

The Possible Shop: Muzzleloading Shotgun Supplies -


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